Friday, October 19, 2012

Fast and Simple Oriental Fan

Fast and Simple

Oriental Fan

By Sharon Teal-Coray


Can be painted on any surface


DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Hauser Dark Green
Crystal Green
Arbor Green
Emperor’s Gold
Lamp Black
Cadmium Red Light
Napthol Red
Burnt Orange

Base green area with Hauser Dark Green

Sponge on top of this with Crystal Green

Green stripe on box and lid is taped off and painted with Arbor Green 2 coats

Base Fan, small stripe and bottom in with Emperor’s Green, 3-4 coats

Mix Emperor’s Gold with Black, ratio 4:1 pull this color down the fan from the top to the bottom to give it some texture.
Base with Oxblood 3-4 coats
Add Cad. Red Light 2 coats
Add Napthol Red 2 coats

Paint in shadows with Burnt Orange 3 coats
Flower lines are Napa Red plus Lamp Black Ratio; 2:1
Base with Hauser Dark Green 2-3 coats
Add Evergreen 2 coats
Highlight shade with Arbor Green
Veins are done with Arbor Green

Stamens are Lamp Black
Dots are Arbor Green
Center Flower dot is Grape Juice dotted with Titanium White.
Peacock Feathers
Base feather with Black, paint in color areas in the middle
Of the feather with Crystal Green and Ice Blue. Imperial Gold is surrounding these colors and then the rest of the feather is Emperor’s Gold
Center where the feathers meet is Oxblood 2 coats and outlined with Emperor’s Gold

Paint Chinese letters with Lamp Black, outline with Gold
Ceramic Flower
Base with Oxblood Dry brush Empero’s Gold over this and put a dot of Crystal Green in the center

Choose what you want to say on yours!

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